Bianca Carter

I'm so thankful for this business, Ive grown as a person And lets be real its gotten me through the hardest of times in my personal life. Its helped me build my confidence and has physically helped me bounce back to my normal self since having a baby 2 years ago. Im in love with the products and love all the people I have met so far through this business. And now having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer its continuing to help me keep a positive mindset and help pay for those unexpected medical bills. Its helped alleviate loads of stress. And I cant be more grateful for the day I let my guards down tears and all.... so glad I said yes! I plan on building a beautiful future for my little family, a house we can own, bills and debt paid off, medical bills paid off, and the freedom of time we all wish and crave. My family deserves it and I deserve a beautiful life and to look back and say wow it was totally possible I did it and I let nothing hold me back.

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